Balloon Design & Decor :

Future Affairs Productions’ balloon designs and decor  adds huge impact and value.

“As a designer, when balloons are integrated into our designs the end result is amazing."
Terry Mulryan Toomey, President


  • Balloon Arches 
  •  Balloon Bouquets
  • Balloon Canopies 
  • Balloon Columns
  • Balloon Table Centerpieces
  • Shimmer Ceilings

  • Balloon Drops

  •  Dissolving Chandelier
  • Balloon Sculptures

  • Balloon Walls/Mural

  • Dissolving Walls
  • Balloon Table Centerpieces

  • Balloon Tunnel
  • Custom Imprinted Balloon
  • Balloon Releases

Anything can be created with balloons!